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Hi!  I'm Caryn, the sometimes author and always Grandmother and wife who has worked to create the books you will find on our site.  Born and raised as a true rural Arkansan, it is not difficult to see where the themes for the Christmas books were spawned.  The Christmas books came about from our having fun at Christmas with our grandchildren and wanting to leverage the classic verse with a message about the goodness of God.  The Prayer books are the real passion.  Not only a passion to converse with our Heavenly Father, but a passion to encourage others to do that too.  I hope these books will truly be a positive word for you in your life.

I do not really consider myself an author, but rather a networker and encourager for people to step out and do.  The reason that I found students to do the illustrations for the Christmas books was to encourage these young people by recognizing their work and talent.  The prayer book is a compilation of prayers from some of my grandmother friends who I have prayed with for twenty years and we meet to encourage each other regularly.  These books are all self-published and self-promoted and I hope that can be an encouragement to you if you ever considered authoring.  The old saying goes that everybody has a book locked up inside, so maybe it is time to let it out!  If I can do it, so can you!  Be encouraged today! 

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