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Christmas Book

Hardback  8 1/2"x 11" 

Hardback  8 1/2"x 11" 

by Caryn Southerland

Twas the Night Before Christmas . . .

but wait . . .

those aren't reindeer!

They're HOGS!

Ozark Christmas is a product of Ozark imagination, talent, and even greater purpose:  to inspire hopeful artists and authors!  This familiar Christmas poem -  Twas The Night Before Christmas -  is adapted to make you laugh at a hilarious Santa-hog named Rayz (short for Razorback) who can’t resist those Christmas cookies and milk!  It is set in our familiar Ozark scenery with a delightful little character we call Peaty because he repeats all he sees Rayz doing.

We love how this classic tale with a humorous twist impacts all generations, both young and old! Ozark Christmas offers something for everyone from kids to adults; from sports fans to Ozark loyalist.

In addition, kids of all ages will love the 'Find Peaty' pages.  He is hidden 14 times in an Ozark scene.


Proudly sold at Silver Dollar City and Dollywood Gift Shops!!

About the Illustrator

About the Illustrator

Jacob Beasley had just graduated high school when he created the jolly old hog and his funny little mouse sidekick.  He is now continuing his education in college while serving in the United States Army, and has recently married.  He considers his drawings to be a gift and in turn gives them away.  He always works to generate a smile and a chuckle and hopes you are blessed with these little pigs and, of course, Peaty the mouse!  

About the Author

Hello, I'm Caryn Southerland!  Born, raised, educated and totally blessed right here in the Ozarks!  I love my family and I love the fact that my family loves to laugh.  My mom and grandmother would often write entertaining poems to celebrate special occasions.  There words would take on familiar rhymes to humorously express the moment - who we were, where we lived, and much of what we lived through!  The objective was to shift our sober, sometimes much-too-serious attitude to a little lighter one; one in which we could laugh and even enjoy our age or stage of life!  

My greatest desire for you is that you would read (hopefully out loud) and laugh with this twist on the Christmas classic! And then, share with a child of any and all ages!  Making a "together" memory around the holidays is a lasting treasure!

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