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Praying it Forward: loving your grandchildren through prayer

Grandmother, YOUR WORDS ARE PRICELESS! If asked, each of us would heartily respond “YES” to the question: “Would you like to know your grandmother’s prayers?” Keeping that in your mind and heart, consider taking PRAYING IT FORWARD for that very purpose: writing your prayers for each of our grandchildren and leaving it for them to cherish, ponder, and be empowered to live out. Your recorded prayers become your forever gift to them. "For You have exalted above all things, Your Name and Your Word!" Psalm 138:2. PRAYING IT FORWARD takes the names of God and Jesus as found in His Word and patterns an hour of prayer using both. Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Petition make up this pattern. Enjoy the sharing of other “grands” as they introduce each Name with an experience of their own. Each will also share her special grandmother name such as Honey, G’ma, or DD!

Personal and powerful – a grand combination, wouldn’t ya say?

Caryn Southerland learned to pray and value God's Word through her participation with an international organization called Moms in Prayer.  For 20 years she prayed thinking she was praying for her school aged children, only to find out that she, too, was changing!  God's Word opened her eyes, transformed her thinking, and created a joyous desire to never stop!  Now, she is calling on other moms and grandmoms to pray for their children and grandchildren.  "Let's leave them something they will not outgrow or wear out - let's leave them something that will always be a blessing and be in style - God's Word prayed over their lives!"

Paperback  6"x 9"  Large Print

Praying it Forward is designed for every Grandmother

  • For the beginner of seasoned in prayer

  • Pray alone or pray in a group

  • The perfect blessing for every grandchild

Just grab your Bible, a pen, and begin this incredibly rewarding experience!

Paperback  6"x 9"  Large Print

by Caryn Southerland and Friends

Paperback  6"x 9"  Large Print


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